Welcome to the

"Adventures in Delegating" Educational Video Series

Your time is valuable and every day we, as business owners, lose time we can never get back because we aren't delegating the right way.

"Adventures in Delegating" is a FREE Education Series from Maize Quest, a premier corn maze and agritourism attraction design company.

This series is a NEW, quick-action plan for successful delegating in your business.

This series is a compliment to Maize Quest's Agritourism Manager's Boot Camp, the #1 system for building your employees into a successful team.

Enjoy the series. I hope it frees up your time to do the things that only you can do in your business!


"Adventures in Delegating" FREE Video Series from Maize Quest

Whether you are new to delegation, or have been delegating for years, doing it properly is the key to success. Success in this case is defined as: optimizing the workflow throughout your organization.

Think of it: Workers always know what to do, and YOU are not wasting YOUR time.

If you delegate correctly you can:

  • Save payroll and be effective
  • Have fewer headaches
  • Work on your business instead of working in your business

Don't hesitate. Start now! Watch our FREE "Adventures in Delegating" video series. Or, if you already know you want to optimize your entire employee management system, you may purchase the Agritourism Managers Bootcamp Accelerator access below.